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Editing Services


Sentence-level editing with comprehensive, detailed attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, language, mechanics, clarity, and consistency, including editing of references, tables, and figures


I'll partner with you to get your informative or prescriptive nonfiction book ready for publication, with high-quality text and layout so your message comes through clearly and can improve readers' lives.


Laying out the text according to the chosen style guide and client or publisher specifications, including title page, table of contents, headers and footers, and tables and figures

Students and

Working with me, you can be confident that your paper's language usage and formatting will be in line with your submission requirements and facilitate understanding of your ideas.


Final review for clarity, consistency, and correctness of both text and layout


I'll edit your documents and presentations for clarity, consistency, and adherence to your desired tone, style, and legal guidelines.


The cost of editing is affected by many factors, such as which services you want and need, the type of material, how many changes are needed, and the desired turnaround time. For that reason, I price my services on a project fee basis after getting some basic information about the project, examining the manuscript or other document, and doing a short sample edit. Please see my Process page for more details about how a typical project works.

Every project is different, so I can't give firm one-size-fits-all price ranges, but my project pricing usually works out to (USD) rates per 1000 words somewhere in the ranges below for individual services. Booking multiple services for one project can result in a savings over what you would have paid for booking each service individually.

Copyediting – $25–35 per 1000 words

Formatting – $8–15 per 1000 words

Proofreading – $15–25 per 1000 words

References – $1.50–2.50 per reference

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