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What Clients Say About Working With Me

Angie's Editing provided excellent services. Angie is phenomenal, a person who was thoughtful and thorough throughout my whole dissertation process, with superb knowledge of copyediting, formatting, and proofreading. My project was treated with respect throughout the process. She understood and appreciated my work.


I was highly impressed with the promptness and responsiveness when providing feedback, insight, and recommendations. Angie helped me build the confidence that an outside reader would appreciate. I am pleased with the end product and highly recommend Angie for your editing services.

Dr. Johnny R. Robles, California, USA

Angie was amazing to work with. Her eye for detail and knowledge of academic structure, referencing, and citations brought such clarity to our project.


When you begin with solid competency and add a huge layer of excellence, there's such peace of mind for the whole process.

Jody S.

Attached please find our response to the EXCELLENT copy edit work. So much attention to critical details.


We sincerely appreciate it all!

Deani Van Pelt, PhD, Charlotte Mason Centenary Series Editor

I originally decided to work with Angie McCauley after seeing a sample of her work. She edited a small portion of my book and I immediately knew that she understood the material and would do a great job making it clearer.

I think of myself as a good writer and wasn't sure I really needed an editor. After seeing her work, I was convinced she would not only help make my book read better, but that I would learn to be a better and clearer writer. That has proved to be true.

However, she did much more than fix grammar errors and unclear sentence structure. She made the manuscript look professional and worked with me throughout the whole process. If I ever do this again, I will definitely contact Angie. I highly recommend her services.

Brandon Spun,
Author of On the Spiritual Disciplines: An Introduction to Christian Practice

Working with Angie was a pleasure. She went above and beyond my expectations to help me get the first three chapters of my dissertation to the level of writing it needed to be at.


Not only does she do a great job with formatting, but she has a gift for words. She was able to help me articulate what I was trying to say.

Pastor DW,
Doctor of Ministerial Leadership Student

Angie’s ability to engage with the content as well as the stylistic/editing issues made all the difference in completing a time-sensitive, data-driven study of healthcare workers’ spiritual health.


Her insight, responsiveness, and professionalism quickly made her a trusted partner in this project. I highly recommend her.

Susan D. Douglas, DTh, Board Certified Chaplain

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