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Services for Business Clients

Your business’s public-facing communications have two important jobs: to get your message across clearly and effectively and to represent your brand well. Typos, ambiguous wording, and other issues can undermine both of these purposes.

I bring a fresh pair of eyes, professional editing and proofreading training, and experience with honing and refining business and technical content to help you make sure your words convey your meaning accurately so readers can easily understand your message and act on it.

Copyediting and/or Proofreading

The lines between copyediting and proofreading can get blurred when the content to be reviewed is not destined for publishing as a book or in a journal or magazine. How I can help you make sure your content is ready for your audience, whoever and wherever they may be, is much more important than what that service is called.

Through a careful review of the text and visual elements of your reports, presentations, marketing materials, and other content, I’ll identify and address language, style, and layout issues that could get in the way of communicating your message. These issues include:

  • clarity

  • consistency

  • readability

  • grammar

  • spelling

  • capitalization

  • hyphenation

  • punctation

  • word choice and usage

  • style

  • tone

  • voice

  • flow

  • appropriateness for the audience

  • numbers

  • quotations

  • acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations

  • headings and subheadings

  • lists

  • tables and figures

Copyediting and proofreading remove barriers to your target audience understanding and acting on your message, making your communication more effective.

Citation and Reference Formatting

Citation and reference formatting includes checking that in-text citations, footnotes or endnotes, and bibliography or reference list entries conform to your chosen style guide:

  • All elements are present and in the correct order for that source type.

  • All elements are correctly styled and punctuated.

  • All sources cited in the text are listed in the bibliography or reference list, and all sources listed in the bibliography or reference list are cited in the text.

I can either apply a standard style, such as Chicago or APA, or your own custom style, or just ensure consistency in the styling of source citations.

This service includes formatting the citations and references to conform to the style guide. I’ll flag issues for you to address, such as missing or conflicting information. I can also provide more in-depth verification and correction of reference information if needed.

Ready to move forward?

I would love to hear about your project and goals, then show you how I can help you reach them. Use the contact form below to get started—or just to ask for more information. I can't wait to read what you've written and help you get it ready for its readers!

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